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Why authors ♡ their characters – by Marcia Weber Martins

on 18/02/2017

Marcia Weber is a lady of many talents, one of which is a knack for romance writing. Her Brazilian origin blends with her life in Germany, making her a multilingual author. Here is a post her reader fans will love – why she loves her character.

Why I Love Mary?

   I love Mary Walker because she was the first character I created. She has the same values I have and she is also romantic.

  Mary walker is a charismatic girl from San Francisco, who is on her way of becoming a defense lawyer. Mary values family bonds and friendship.

  She has a lovely family and has a special bond with her brother Mark, who has the tendency of overprotecting her. 

  I love the way Mary and Mark get along. I’m an only child and sure I would like to have a brother like Mark.

  Mary is somewhat naïve and because of that she was taken advantage in a frightening way.

  Mary, as any girl of her age, dreamed of a “happy ever after”.  She met Robert, who was a nice and romantic guy. She falls in love with him.  But he wasn’t the man she thought he was but a creep. She didn’t notice that she was in a controlling and abusive relationship until it was too late. To make things worse, she was kidnapped.

 Thanks to her family, she recovered from this traumatic event and has her life back.

  She avoids the date scene and focus on her studies. She was betrayed by the person she trusted and loved. She had her dreams destroyed and she doesn’t believe in love anymore.

  I love Mary because she is a fighter. She keeps her life going despite all she went thru.  She found the strength to overcome her fears and learnt to trust and love again.

  She is a sympathetic character and we cannot help but feel for her and identify with her struggles.



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2 responses to “Why authors ♡ their characters – by Marcia Weber Martins

  1. webermartins says:

    Thank you Anita. It was nice to talk about Mary Walker .

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