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Why authors ♡ their characters – by Margaret Ann Loveday

on 24/02/2017

Margaret Ann Loveday is an Australian author I met through a Facebook group. She always has a positive message to share and delights all with her Threads of Love posts. I simply love her inspirational nature and photo posts. Today she tries to decide who her favourite character is in her novel Emily.

Why do I love my characters? – by M. A. Loveday

How can I choose just one, they have all grown close to me, even the dysfunctional ones, (who, by the way will be redeemed in a future book).  

Would it be Great Grandma Ruby, who fights for Emily’s right to life, and raises her on love and good old fashioned values?  What about Emily, the heroine, with her charismatic personality, who is adored by everyone except her parents?  

I know!  It will have to be Dimmy! A loving partner to Nick, they co-own, the Wildlife Park that draws Emily into their lives.  Dimmy is passionate, strong, intelligent woman with an enquiring mind.  She has been through some very emotionally traumatic times, her body and her emotions suffering much, from the injuries she sustained.   The Post-Traumatic Stress took time to overcome, she gradually returned to health with the love, support and patience of the people around her.  Emily becomes the pivot that enables Dimmy to finalise change and to love and let go of past hurts.

Dimmy is an interesting character, who taps into her sixth sense, or as she puts it herself, ‘a knowing’ a pre-empting of circumstances, that Nick doesn’t understand, but Emily, does.  Dimmy and Emily as their relationship develops we find, they are connected in more ways than one.

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