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LIVING THE WRITE LIFE by Traci M. Sanders – my review

on 26/02/2017

Talk about coming across that perfect book at exactly the moment you need it! I started it yesterday and finished this morning. I had been following this author’s blog segments on writing before this book was published, and eagerly awaited to see how the entire book would turn out. It makes me so content to see it is even better than I could have hoped. Not only is non-fiction difficult to write in an interesting and palatable way, but it is almost impossible to preserve a friendly, personal voice which is easily readable, non-preachy and thoroughly appealing.

Whether you are already a writer or hoping to be one, or simply a person with dreams trying to set definite goals into motion, this book will give you inspiration, motivation and even lists of practical, applicable advice on how to turn dreams into doable plans. Aspiring writers should definitely check it out! The format is clearly laid out, so you can easily go back to the tips you liked or need to ‘revise’, but what appealed to me was the personal touch throughout. I recognized myself in plenty of situations, tackling family, work and author aspirations. I have learned some things while reading, some have been put into the right perspective and with some, realizing that I am not the only one battling such creativity-driven ‘symptoms’ and side effects was assistance enough.

The author offers lots of advice, supported by quotes, experience and research, but her goal is not to preach or criticise, but clarify, compartmentalize and encourage. We all need pep talks once in a while, and this certainly is one. Some may expect more numbers and data, but for me, there is just enough ‘maths’ here to support my art. Learning to differentiate critique from criticism, and turning dreams into plans is certainly something all of us could benefit from, regardless of our age, profession and origin. Congratulations to the author. 

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