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on 17/03/2017

It is not usually like me to share videos such as this, simply because I feel them too much and can never go through even watching one without crying, but this one proves the power of good stories and the superpower of reading to and with other people, no matter their age. 

There is that intangible bond, sort of a special invisible bubble you create when you read or tell a story, which connects you and the person you read to (even if it is simply your own inner child). Then all else seems to fade away, giving you time, energy and even advice to help you face reality when you are back to it. 

Reading is magical. I know. I see it on the faces of my learners when we read or tell stories, I feel it in the air. It can turn a really bad day into a warmer one, for everyone involved. 

I can never emphasize enough how much stories, and art in general, matter. When we all create, imagine, sing, draw, sculpt, build, design… we are all better.  


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