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Meet D. M. Cain

on 18/04/2017

If you have not yet met author D. M. Cain, now is the time because this amazing young writer is making her way into the book world worldwide big time. It is my pleasure to have her over as an interview guest, and grateful to her for providing you with a sneak peek of her newest release.

Brief bio

D.M. Cain is a dystopian and fantasy author working for Creativia Publishing. The Light and Shadow Chronicles series features a range of books which can be read in any order. The series instalments to date include A Chronicle of Chaos and The Shield of Soren. D.M. Cain is currently working on the next novel in the Light and Shadow Chronicles series, The Sins of Silas, as well as two complementary novellas entitled Genesis of Light and Origin of Shadow.

Cain has released one stand-alone novel: The Phoenix Project, a psychological thriller set in a dystopian future. The Phoenix Project was the winner of the 2016 Kindle Book Review Best Sci-Fi novel Award.

Cain lives in Leicestershire, UK with her husband and young son, and spends her time reading, writing and reviewing books, playing RPGs and listening to symphonic metal. 

Author site and links

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Sneak peek from The Shield of Soren

 The Shield of Soren excerpt

With a loud clang of metal slamming into metal, the final bolt was undone. Reign slowly pulled the door open, and Vincent found his breath catching in his throat. 

High-pitched whimpering came from the tiny bundle of rags cowering at the back of the cage. Her long silver hair parted for a moment and Vincent could see her wide, silver eyes, terrified and innocent. Vincent’s skin prickled with discomfort. He hoped that Reign had a damned good reason for capturing a small child like this. 

Beside the glass cage were two oil lamps, both resting unlit. Reign reached up and took one down. Then, in a single savage moment, he slammed the lamp onto the floor of her cage. The girl screamed in terror and covered her head with her hands, but he hadn’t been aiming for her. 

The shattered glass gave way to a stream of oil that spread out in a pool across the floor. This seemed to scare the girl even more, and she began to cry quietly, sobbing into her clenched hands. 

Reign looked back at Vincent. Excitement flashed in his eyes as he drew a match from a box in his pocket. A small flare of light, a flicker of sulphur and a small flame danced on top of the match. With another laugh, Reign tossed the match into the glass cage.

Vincent gasped as the oil ignited in a rush of intense heat. The entire floor of the cage burst into flames. Vincent tried to rush forwards to save the girl from a fiery death, but the heat was too intense. A hand tapped incessantly at his shoulder, and he tried to brush it away, but Reign grabbed hold of his hand.

“Look! Look!” Reign shouted excitedly, pointing at the cage. 

When his eyes fell upon the cage, Vincent froze to the spot, his eyes nearly popping from their sockets. “But…how?”

The girl, who Vincent had assumed would be burning in agony, was somehow floating above the flames, hovering at the top of her cage. From her back sprouted two enormous wings of the purest white feathers Vincent had ever seen. The two beautiful white fans could only just fit within the confines of the cage, and as she beat them to stay afloat they fanned the flames beneath her. 

It wasn’t just her wings that dazzled Vincent with their purity. Her whole body had adopted an ethereal, almost ghostly, silver aura, her hair shimmering with radiance. She didn’t seem too frightened any more, but there was a definite hint of sadness in her gentle eyes. 

Vincent studied her carefully, struggling to catch his breath, which he hadn’t realised he had been holding. “What is she?” he managed to croak. 

Reign grinned and draped an arm across Vincent’s shoulder. “She, my friend, is an angel.”

Interview time

1. Why do you write? 

I love to get away from the stresses of being a teacher, author, wife and mother by delving into my own worlds and losing myself in my characters. It is so cathartic for me, even when I’m exhausted from a hard day’s work, and nothing relaxes me more than writing. 

Also, my stories and my characters are always so loud inside my head. They shout for my attention and I have no choice but to write down what they say. I can’t bear the idea of my stories disappearing into nothingness when I die, without me having written them down somewhere. Of course I would love to see them as bestsellers on the shelves of Waterstones, but really the most important thing for me is just that the ideas are written down somewhere. 

2. What’s your latest project? 

The Shield of Soren was just released last month. This novel is an epic fantasy in the sword and sorcery category. It is the next in the Light and Shadow Chronicles series after A Chronicle of Chaos although they do not run chronologically so can be read in any order. 

3. Who is your favourite character among the ones you created? 

I particularly love a character from The Shield of Soren and A Chronicle of Chaos called the Bavelize. An evil, mysterious villain, it is so good to write about! The character is dark and twisted  and is so much fun to write, both because of the domineering evil it exudes, and the fact it is created entirely from smoke so is constantly shifting and writhing. I’m also very attached to a new character in my current work in progress named Silas – but you haven’t met him yet 😉

4. What are your writing plans for the future? 

I plan to continue the Light and Shadow Chronicles and I have two complementary novellas coming soon. The next two full length novels are in progress too (though they may be halted for a while by my new little one who is due in July!) I plan to continue writing for the rest of my life – it’s in my blood and in my soul. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. 

5. Which books/authors do you admire and why? 

My favourite author is C.L. Schneider who wrote The Crown of Stones Trilogy. She sets the bar incredibly high in terms of plot, tension, high quality writing and incredible characters. I can’t even begin to measure myself against her level of writing but that is what I am always trying to aim for. I also truly admire JK Rowling/Robert Galbraith. She is an excellent writer who never gave up despite all the rejections she suffered and her writing is always truly gripping. 

6. What makes you happiest in the writing process? 

Spending time with my characters. Writing them is a joy when there are no other pressures – no deadlines or tricky plot holes to dig myself out of. Just plain writing is wonderful. It gets to the point where I spend so much time with a character that they seem to come to life and I think of them almost as real people (does that make me sound crazy??)

7. What was your favourite book when you were younger or a child? Why? 

As a teenager, I always loved The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I think it’s the one book I’ve read that has literally everything I’ve ever wanted in a story. It is devilishly witty and funny, but at the same time dark and foreboding. It is the most quotable story I’ve ever read, but hits quite a powerful nerve by the end too. Wilde was an incredible writer. 

8. How do you deal with editing/proofreading? 

My books undergo an extensive editing and proofing process. After I have written the first draft, I read and edit the book myself at least three times before it goes to the official editor. This is for me to pick up on any character inconsistencies or timeline issues. 

It then goes on to my fabulous editor, Pam Elise Harris, who completely guts it for me, fixing not just grammatical errors but also suggesting plot changes, sentence restructuring etc. She does three passes over the book, sending it back to me every time to make changes. 

When Pam is finished with it, it goes to Sophie Thomas, my very thorough proofreader who finds any remaining inconsistencies or errors.  Finally, it goes through yet another proofreader with my publisher, Creativia. 

This whole process can take up to a year, just for editing. 

9. Pick one of your books and explain it to us as if it were a movie, listing the cast and crew if you wish. 

I’ve chosen A Chronicle of Chaos in The Light and Shadow Chronicles series. 

Chaos and Anathema – two souls inexplicably drawn to one another. They make come from entirely different worlds, but when thrown together they will cause an epic conflict that could tear the world in two. When the forces of Heaven and Hell collide, where will their loyalties lie?


Bob Morley as Chaos Lennox

Lucas Till as the demon Anathema

Katheryn Winnick as Callista Nienna

Santiago Cabrera as Raven Lennox

10. Do you have any special promos, charity releases, appearances or book releases you’d like to tell us about?

I am soon appearing at a local ladies club to deliver a talk which will focus on women’s achievements in the community. My latest book The Shield of Soren is on e-tour at the moment in various places. And I have Instafreebie promos happening all the time. 

Thank you, D. M. Happy writing!


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