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The Assassin Who Couldn’t Dance by Glen Barrera – my review

on 01/05/2017

Can you resist the title – The Assassin Who Couldn’t Dance? I couldn’t, which is why I added the book to my TBR pile even before I had the time to read it. My only regret now is not having read it sooner. Let me try to be brief so you can go and get this thriller and enjoy it the way I have.

Hector is a young, well-trained assassin with a shady past and partial lack of ordinary social skills who encounters an unlikely group of ex-military pals and their families, only to find himself questioning his own mission. Not only will the author sail you successfully through the numerous plots and subplots, twists and turns, concerning the good old money scams of enormous proportions, where any means is supposed to justify the end, but he will make you care about the characters, just as he makes Hector care. I hated my own eyes when they got tired of reading and having to go to work in the midst of the action scenes, and I am still trying to decide on my favourite character (Morgan and Lucy take the lead, but only by an inch). 

This thriller has it all – all shades of good and bad, tough and likeble heroes (both female and male), a rich variety of gruesome villains, cliffhanger moments, actions with guns blazing and foreheads sweating (great writing overall), intelligent romance where you hope for it, skillfully crafted dialogues… And one thing I truly admire – attention to detail in the midst of chaos. Lana’s lipstick on the glass Parks uses, Annie’s Christmas decorations… The author has a way with words that suits me just like when you find good rock tunes which fit your taste. I am not one to hang on first lines, but this one had me reading well past my bedtime…

“Nazar ran his tongue over cracked lips as he considered, for intellectual exercise, the varied forms of torture yet to be discovered.”

Movie-like and better, with all the suspenseful feel of a movie and the great quality of the written word, this is a treat for any thriller fan with a taste for intense, intelligent action mysteries. Looking forward to more.


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