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Who is SHE? – Phoenix Rainez

on 12/05/2017

Author Phoenix Rainez  a true romantic at heart, has also generously agreed to do my non-question interview and to explain what my key words remind her of. Meet Phoenix form a different perspective…


DREAMS – there is one special dream I have, that I wish would come true and that is to find that perfect hideaway and spend endless time filling pages, with the stories that are crowding my head. A place where there is no concept of time, where days just filter into one long writing scene with no disruptions except for the necessary body functions.

STRESS –  A word that pushes so many buttons… I think my typical stressful times is when I have a deadline to meet or a course I need to work through and pass for my day job. As a full time, live-in-carer for the elderly, I have regular courses to update and pass to get that valuable certificate that qualifies me to continue in this field of work.

Do I find writing stressful you may ask? Only when I hit a stumbling block, a blank page staring at me and not knowing what to write or how to carry on from the next chapter. Let’s not forget the editing process and rewriting repeatedly till not only your editor is satisfied but you are too.

Definition of a writer’s stress – blood, sweat, tears, chewed finger nails, endless cups of coffee, chocolate fixes, sleepless nights and puffy eyes are but a few of the signs of a writer’s stressful times.

RELEASE – As I’m going through writer’s stress now, my release would have to be reading other writers books and wondering how they found it so easy to write and publish such an amazing story. Sometimes I will escape into a world of writing poems, my full proof escape from staring at a blank page I cannot fill with words.

SUPPORT – My husband is very supportive of my writing and will always give me the time and space I need to write, never complaining when I’d be up all night writing and sleeping late in the morning.

Friends and family have been very complimentary, supporting my writing and buying my books. I’d be rather disappointed if they didn’t (winking). Here I must mention my friends Terry and Paul, who first put me in touch with Wattpad, an online writing community, where you share your stories, one chapter at a time and get instant feedback. This is where I started and gained the support and confidence to publish my first novel SECOND CHANCES on Amazon, after securing a place in the top 25 semi-finalists in the Harlequin/Wattpad (SYTYCW) contest. Without the Wattpad readers support and encouragement I doubt I would have had the confidence to publish my first novel.

MODEL –  I think the person I look up to would have to be Nikki Kelly, author of the Styclar Saga Series, who I met and became friends with on Wattpad. Book 1 of her series was such a hit on Wattpad, she landed a traditional publishing deal with an international publisher and went on to America to promote her book. She gave up her day job to live her dream and write full time. I have all three of her hardback books on my bookshelf and looking forward to the day I can meet her for coffee in London, to get her books signed.

ISSUE – I would have to say my biggest issue with writing is time. Keeping up with social media is very time consuming but necessary to stay in touch with your readers. In between this is your family’s needs and socialising with friends. It is a fact that writers often become hermits and seldom realise they have not surfaced to see there are other people around wanting their attention.

Let’s not forget the trillion times you re-write and edit your story, a serious time stealer when all you really want to do is continue writing the stories filling your head-space.

JOURNEY – Writing has been an incredible journey for me. I have found a voice in my head that has been buried for years and it’s exciting to know that I have so many stories still to write.  Writing my way down this exciting road I have been very fortunate to meet so many talented writers, whose books I buy and continually add to my “to read list”.  

Writers are such a unique group of people whose friendship albeit online, is a journey in itself. Their continual support, advice and confidence boosting chats all help towards encouraging each other to keep writing. 

Reading books opens up a whole world of endless possibilities. You may travel through time, journey into a world of fantasy or magic and swoon over a romance that brings you to tears and even hide under the covers as you creep through the pages of a horror story. Let’s not forget the science fiction and paranormal worlds that have you gasping at the unimaginable.

RELEVANCE –  it’s not easy to be a parent. You learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Depending on your childhood, you may take pages out of your parent’s book and follow in their footsteps or you may choose to follow your own path, but whatever you do, will depend on what your learnt growing up and will make an impact on you as a parent and how you bring up your own children.

The same applies to writing. I learn from reading other writers books and joining writer’s online groups. I think it’s important for my writing to be a member of these groups, to learn from those more experienced and join in discussions, talking about any problems you may be experiencing and possibly helping with promotions or beta reading. I have found the most important and relevant part of being a writer is reading as many books as possible. This is where I am learning how to be a better writer, from the words of others.

JOY – my happiest moments are spent with my family. I am blessed with two beautiful daughters and four wonderful grandchildren. Celebrating special occasions with them are memories I treasure and photograph at every opportunity. One of the most incredible moments in my life as a parent was witnessing the birth of my first grandchild. I was thrilled and apprehensive when my eldest daughter asked me to be her birth partner, along-side her husband. Watching your child in pain is not the easiest of things to do but when my granddaughter’s head crowned the emotions were unbelievable. Of course, I cried. I had never witnessed anything so amazingly beautiful. I must’ve done something right as she asked me to be her birth partner when her son was born too.

As a writer, the most exciting moment is holding my paperback copy of the first novel I’d published. To see your words in print is overwhelming.

HAVEN – ANITA’s BLOG is a part of her charming personality and character. She is always willing to help support other authors and this shows in her blog post when she features other writers and give them the opportunity to show case themselves and their books through her delightful interviews.

I have no new releases at this time but hoping to publish my children’s illustrated story book, The Magic Chicken, at the end of this year. It is presently in the hands of the illustrator and I have recently seen the sketches and quite excited to see it all come together in colour. I do hope to be able to publish my new poetry book, Whispered Love, at the end of this year too and fingers crossed I may have my fantasy romance, The Colour of Love, ready for publication early in 2018. Editing and rewriting for this fantasy romance has been nightmarish for me and not sure if I will ever venture this route again. I have the greatest admiration and sympathy for my beta reader who has pain stakingly been guiding me through the rewrites and putting up with my endless ranting and bad tempered moments. I will be forever grateful for his patience, without which I know I would never see this book in print.

Covers for these books are still being worked on. 

Thank you so much, Phoenix. Happy writing!


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