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E-books or paperbacks? The modern day question:)

on 30/07/2017

Author Jena C. Henry shared this image on Facebook in a readers’ group I’m a member of. 

I’ve been asked this so many times, so here is my reply.

Both. Sorry, I know it’s a diplomatic reply but both. Ebooks save tons of space and trees, font size and background colour is adjustable, and I can read them on my tablet in the dark. But my eyes get tired and dry and I rest my eyes with a paperbook. 

A paperbook is also more intimate, more private – no apps to distract me, no clock on it, nothing but the book.

Being a writer, I have another thing to add to that – having a published ebook seems a bit surreal, but holding your paperbook in your hands makes it feel real, tangible. Every time I hold a paperbook in my hands I remember how this author may have felt and how much of themselves they poured into those pages. 

Come to think of it, can you just imagine if Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, Shakespeare, etc. could have known their books would still be read, in tons of editions, a bunch of languages, as e-books!? Wow!


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