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There are days when you feel proud

on 05/09/2017

Today was the second day of school for my kids – both first graders, one primary, the other one secondary school. Still a long way ahead of us, but my husband and I are proud to have good kids, and all we can do is keep trying to do right by them, provide what they need and hope life, education systems, politics and money do not diminish their beautiful sparks which make them who they are.

Today was also the day I presented a very good friend and highly respected colleague with a paperback of my children’s book Spikes for Hank, after which she sent me a photo of her son reading it. It is the first book in English he is reading by himself, which makes me especially proud seeing as English is his second language. 

Today was one of those days at work which do not really make me happy, which make me wonder why rude and loud people always blackmail their way into getting what they want… one of those days when you either lose it or keep your cool. To be honest, I tried to keep my cool so as not to spread negativity even further. What makes me proud about this ugly part of the work day? I didn’t bring it home. It stayed where it was. 

Some days it works.


3 responses to “There are days when you feel proud

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