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The Writer’s Gift 4U from Wolf Schimanski

on 12/11/2017

The Writer’s Gift is a little present that keeps on giving – my blog feature gift to the authors you should know about, and their gift to you as their (potential) readers. Find out more about some wonderful authors you may not yet have heard about, and enjoy a free sneak peek and riddles for their latest book or even a work in progress. Feel free to leave a comment and share the posts during the upcoming holiday season.

Here to start off this pre-holiday series is thriller author Wolfgang Wolf Schimanski.

Author: Wolf Schimanski

Genre(s): Action/Thriller/Romance/Mystery

Booksite links:

Social network links:

twitter: @wolfschim

Chat with the author:

1. What is your favourite winter holiday story you have read and like to go back to, and why?

I just read Robert B. Parker’s Silent Night written by his literary agent Helen Brann because Robert passed away in 2010. Helen did an amazing job and kept Robert’s spirit so much alive.

2. Which winter holiday character, custom or decoration would you like to be and why?

Scrooge, I am not at all like that but it sure would be a wild ride seeing the things he was shown.

3. What is your absolutely the most favorite thing to do during the winter holidays?

To go to Key West. My days of skating, skiing and snowmobiling are long over. Been there, done that.,

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world during the winter holiday season, where would you go and why?

See 3, Why? Because its the greatest place on earth. When Hurricanes are not barreling down on it of course. I am going back to Margate, Florida in early December to spend a bit of working time with my writing partner and her wonderful family.

5. What would you like to ask your readers?

To read all of my ‘Meter’ trilogy so they can really get a full concept of what it’s really all about and to support all of us ‘Indie’ authors as we really do what we do for them….

Sneak peek & riddles for METER OF REDEMPTION

I have asked the authors to take these 4 little steps for you;), readers, about their latest book or work un progress.

step 1: give us a riddle about a character, place or key word in your book

What does the Monster ‘Mikhail’ call adversaries or anyone other than himself?

step 2: give us the cover and link for the book (if wip, pls share your link where we can follow your progress)

step 3: give us the short blurb for the story

This completes the ‘Meter’ trilogy, the story of four friends who get entangled with an evil, intrigue, and adventure they never bargained for. The story is based in Toronto, Canada and wraps up the battle with the diabolic Richard Rasmussin, a vicious underworld figure who will stop at nothing to amass wealth and power. Mikhail, the Ninja adversary from the first two books aligns himself with our heroine Angel as they slowly pick apart Rchard’s empire one piece at a time until the final confrontation occurs. Will Angel and Mikhail and their friends survive? Yours to discover…..

step 4: sneak peek, pls

Anyone can click on the book link and take a look inside. And actually that feature is called a ‘Sneak Peek’, but…;) okay I have added an excerpt paragraph from Chapter 22…

The only thing that was left to do was dispose of the reason for them being there in the first place, Herr Eberhart Klingebiel, himself. The dog, even more strangely, stood beside Angel and allowed her to scratch its huge neck while Mikhail calmly walked into the bedroom. Klingebiel was obviously in his deepest sleep, judging by the chainsaw snoring and grunting coming from him. The Assassin put one huge paw around the slumbering sleaze ball’s neck and squeezed the life right out of him in seconds flat.

Your holiday wishes for your readers, besides world peace, of course:)

I wish you all a peaceful and safe time with your families. Christmas is not about presents or commercialism. It’s about love and friendship and comfort and joy and the birth of a very special baby. Cheers!

Wolf Schimanski

Thank you very much, Wolf, for starting off this series of Writer’s Gifts and taking the time to share your thoughts and work with us.
Readers, if you enjoy fast-paced, no-fluff cliffhanger thrillers, drop by Wolf’s site and read all about how he measures justice in his 
Meter series!

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