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A Love Haunting by Suzi Albracht

on 04/02/2018

Introducing an unusual story this Valentine season, from the Queen of Scream – Suzi Albracht. Trying to persuade her to do a follow-up interview soon. Fingers crossed!

A Love Haunting

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Ghosts

A young couple driving home from vacation in the OBX become involved in a freak car crash. Jordan Snow, the husband, is killed on impact. His wife hangs upside down in her seat. She has a concussion and her back broken in two spots. When Heaven’s light comes to collect Jordan and the baby, Jordan stays behind to get help for his wife, Emily.

Now Jordan is stuck on earth. He aimlessly wanders the beach towns of the OBX until he meets a skateboarding angel named Luke. With Luke’s help, Jordan forms friendships with several other ghosts confined to The Black Pelican restaurant since the 1800s. When Luke and the others find out Jake has a wish – one last night with Emily so he can say goodbye – they band together to do the impossible and fulfill Jordan’s wish. However, when the storm of the century knocks out power and threatens to thwart their plans, it looks like all is lost. Will Jordan get his last kiss goodbye?

Suzi Albracht

Told you it was unusual;) – but worth checking out. Trust me.


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