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Women in Horror – Interview with Suzi Albracht

on 06/02/2018

Yay, I managed to persuade Suzi Albracht to do a brief catch-up interview, as I have already been honoured with having her as a guest several times. So wonderful to celebrate women writers in horror by hosting a very kind lady, but scary author – Suzi Albracht.


How long have you been a published author now? What’s your favourite moment or memory for now?

I first published in 2014. My favorite memory of that was the moment my first book was purchased. I still remember to this day, watching my ranking number plummet by the minute when suddenly it soared back up – a book had been purchased! I lived on that thrilling surge for a couple of hours before my ranking went plummeting again. But in those few hours, I realized that had DONE IT! Me… published… it was real. I still love that moment.

What and how much has changed since you started publishing? How has your approach to writing and marketing changed?

I would say that there are far more books swarming out there trying to grab attention so it’s tough to get people to look. I find that once they do actually read one of my books, they tend to like it. But it’s still hard to keep readers unless your work at marking more than 24/7. Over time, I have fine-tuned my marketing approach. I now use more dramatic graphics and I switch them up, a lot.

Who do you think your readers are? Do you write for a target audience or just any story that comes to your mind?

My readers are those who like psychological fear, readers who like to think, readers who want a bigger thrill than guts spewing on the floor every other page. And now that I’m writing romantic ghost stories, I find that my readers like to be familiar with the locations used. I would have to say that I write the stories that I want to write but I keep in mind my readers and make sure to add little tidbits just for them.

What do you find interesting or challenging in using social media to interact with your readers and fellow authors?

I belong to several writers Facebook groups where we retweet each other. I often find myself wanting to give feedback to my fellow writers to help them improve. But I find that has not always gone well. I now accept that everyone has their own way of doing things. There are a number of writers I talk to online regularly, I think we are kindred souls. But the biggest challenge I have in online marketing is the time it takes to do it. I resent that it takes me away from an exciting chapter I am writing. However, I am adult enough to know that It is a necessity.

What are your goals in writing? What would you like to achieve in the years to come? What are you working on now?

I currently have four fiction books completed and published. I would like to create as many books as I can in a reasonable amount of time. I tend to take longer on my books than some people. I truly don’t understand those who published a book every four weeks. It takes me that long just to do final edits. I think writing is like a good cut of steak. It needs to marinate some before it becomes a fine piece of writing that is unforgettable. At this moment, I am working on The Devil’s Huntress which is book four in The Devil’s Due Collection. At the same time, I am working on The Siren of Diamond Shoals, which is in An OBX Haunting collection. Right after those two, I will work on a political thriller that has been marinating in the background. I also have another ghost book, a stand-alone that is different from my other stories.

What would you say to your younger self, the aspiring writer just learning about the publishing world?

Be patient. Be yourself and never, ever give up.

The Devil’s Lieutenant

Scorn Kills

By the way, apart from keeping readers on their toes with her intense stories, Suzi also designs and redesigns covers, and not just her own, so feel free to drop by her book cover site – .

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