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Life within books

on 03/03/2018

Not so long ago, I was asked about how much of my own life enters my books.

Well, let’s be honest – all that we do is a reflection of what we are, think we are or would like to be, to some extent. The Forest of Trees is perhaps my most personal book for now, because some details in it have been borrowed from our private life, as my husband well knows – for example, the Stone family car breaking down every now and then, Emma loving cinnamon, the games she plays with her students, Dot having problems with pronouncing her ‘rs’ (my problem) and so on, but these are tiny details. I am glad to say the abuse side in the story is not something I have experienced myself, and hope I never will. Not that I haven’t seen t, having been a teacher for 24 years. There are still too many Glorias, Florences, Gabrielles and Jacksons around, and an occasional Philip. These characters are therefore just as much alive to me as if I’d met them, and my stomach still churns when I remember the feeling of writing them out.


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