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Reviews anywhere

Finally caught some time to check out my #goodreads #author page. Pleasantly surprised by some reviews. Seeing as I am not one to check my reviews all the time, I had not ‘liked’ them before (naughty author, naughty;), as I was not aware of some of them at all. My favourite unexpected reviews are for The Threshold and Winky’s Colours. 
Please know that reviews help authors a lot, guiding them on their path of improving their craft, finding their target audience, but also as proof to other readers that books are being read and what may be good in each. I am truly grateful to anyone who leaves at least a line or two.

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Time to give thanks

As an amazing thing happens, I feel the need to thank readers, bloggers and authors who help me on this writing journey in any way they can. 

My small steps will eventually lead me where I make them go, and these days they have taken my books to the shelves of our local town library. A few years ago I never would have thought it possible, and yet now – I still feel as if it is happening to somebody else. Onwards and upwards we’ll go, though slowly, as my teaching job still takes up a big chunk of my time, mind and heart.

More news soon, as the school year comes to a close and my new children’s book sees the light of the published world, encouraged by some wonderful advanced reviews and constructive criticism.

Meanwhile, do keep reading and consider leaving a review on the purchase site, Goodreads or your book club. It helps authors keep writing.

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Ever gotten this kind of a review/motivation for your book? Bev Tiernan, you are one of a kind♡. Everything this lady does is unique:) My first children’s book in rhyme (which should be out this summer), just got this poetic comment via email (posting here with author’s permission). 

Just read through your story

And read it with speed,

Don’t make any changes

There is no real need.

The characters are lovely

There’s no need for fright,

I love the cool ending

It all turns out right.

The lesson is taken

And taken so proudly,

One must spread the word

And yell it out loudly.

Whenever a flaw is in us at all

We must face it bravely

And follow our call.

So happy Hank did this and found his own way,

It just makes me want to shout out HOORAY!!!
B.J. Tiernan

Overwhelmed by huge support from fellow teachers and authors for my upcoming children’s book. You warm my heart and help me go on. Every second of your time is appreciated, and every line of (constructive) criticism, advice and praise is cherished. 

Especially now that the school year is in its finale, and all those who are teachers, like myself, know what a stampede that can be. I just squeezed this post amongst work phone calls, email trainee conferences, lesson planning, re-recording lesson music and stories, and I’m not even at work yet…. woohoo. Coffee time and then something exciting. 

Onwards and upwards!  Ready steady…

#amwriting #amteaching #newbook #kidlit

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New release in the summer

You may think authors take reviews for granted. We do not. I am so grateful to anyone who takes the time to read my book and craft a review. It’s like wind in my sails every time the sea gets too rough, the time too scarce, and my energy too low. 

Getting some inspiring advanced reviews for this little guy has made my week. Getting it published during the summer now looks promising. Planning on some online events, so stay tuned for a positive children’s book about accepting ourselves as we are. His name is Hank:) 

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Still so many…

Can you believe it? These are just some of the characters whose stories I have written, and yet another year has gone by and I have not published them. Well, let’s say it gives me something to do when I get older;) 

PS: These are not my illustrations, just samples from the divine Pixabay.

#amwriting #childrensbooks 

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Wait for it…

Having a mini-celebration. Keep your fingers crossed for some news.

#amwriting #books in #Croatia

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Work in progress

‘He’d better get used to nightmares soon,’ she thought, ‘because he’s living in one.’

#quote from current #wip #amwriting

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Poetry Reviews are miracles♡

Verses Versus – Feel by Anita Kovacevic –

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Read like a Child – with ♡

Happy International Children’s Books Day!

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Interviewed by Tom Fallwell

Funny how easy it is to get used to interviewing other authors, but when it comes to being interviewed, I always feel weird:).

Anyway, if you’d like to find out a bit more about my books, The Threshold in particular, feel free to drop by Tom Fallwell’s place and read his interview with the li’l old me.

Interview at Tom Fallwell’s

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