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Never fear love

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Why authors ♡ their characters – by Anita Kovacevic

Why I love Priscilla Parker

To start off the series of posts by guest authors I admire, let me share one of my own favourite characters from my books. Mind you, as every author will say, choosing your favourite character is sort of like picking a favourite child, but this will do for now. Apologies to all my other, well-loved characters who wil get their turn.

Priscilla Parker is an average young woman from my light-hearted chicklit, romantic comedy Average Daydreamer. She is a smart, funny, kind, silly, self-sufficient romantic; all in all, a contradiction in terms just like most of us.

She came to me one summer, after I had just finished writing a very difficult novel (which is still cooling on my shelf), and she was the complete opposite to what I had been writing by then. She kept whispering in my ear, saying: “I know I am just an ordinary girl, but give me a chance, relax, smile, let me fall in love, let me live, and I promise I won’t haunt you.” And then she kept haunting me till I started writing her out of my head. The first ten chapters were on paper in ten days, believe it or not. She was relaxing, made me smile, laugh and find the charming feeling of falling in love again.

Priscilla is funny, clumsy, ambitious, insecure, charming and slightly self-delusional, but she knows the true value of friendship, family and love. She made me feel good about myself and the world, which is so difficult in these times. And I love her for it.





It is not very often I share someone else’s quotes here, but this one just nails it. This matters, this is what I want our children to grow up to and into.
Purpose. Period. No gender, no race, no divisions. Purpose.#kindness #positivity

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Hug Away

Happy #InternationalHugDay!

I hope you’ve hugged and been hugged today! 

#penguin #kidlit #chapterbook #parenting #environment #children 

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Only the best

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There is no such thing as too much Love actually…

Just finished watching Love Actually. Again.

Pure perfection every single time I watch it! I can’t help but wonder if all the members of the cast and crew were aware at the time that they were creating a classic masterpiece! And just seeing all those actors pull off their parts, and seeing them from today’s perspective… A single extra touching moment – seeing Alan Rickman. 

This is and will always be my Christmas movie destination, for the humour, the music, the ‘cheesy’ stuff we all yearn for, the love of the story Richard Curtis and his colleagues have poured into every single moment of this film. Even when I am 80, I hope my family is around to ask me if I can really still watch this movie. You know what I will reply, right?


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Open your eyes

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Moments in time

​From HERE TO FISH, an essay by Stephen Geez in his collection Been There, Noted That (a cherished gift from a cherished friend):

“But it’s moments in time that we have to watch for. No matter what you do, or where you go, or how hard you try, there will always be snakes in one form or another crossing your path, and there will be only so many days in a year when sunshine dapples the water while trees weep willowflies and schools of bream gorge . . .”

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