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Blessing & Curse

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Thank you

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Mrs Jackson

“She passed by her two younger sons on the porch. They were already getting an ear-bashing and pulling from their grandpa warden, their heads bent low, swallowing their snivel. No ‘save-us’ was directed at their mum, and no protective instinct worked within her any more. She hid in the garden, not sure if she wanted to survive another day.”


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In this hectic world, where evil seems easier and kindness is considered a waste of time, I admire people who make the best of their daily lives, cherishing their time together and seeing natural phenomena in the little things, such as a simple, loving smile.


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Peek into The Forest of Trees

“As soon as he’d inhaled the forest air, he closed his eyes, and pursed his lips. It took a few attempts, but he’d whistled! The sound was completely uncanny, and Jeremy’s chest swelled with pride. To his hopeful mind, it was indeed what a proper whistle was supposed to be.

However, now his first whistle was rendered completely unimportant. Literally hanging up-side-down from the branch of a giant talking tree, he had to admit that topped everything else.”

A sneak peek into The Forest of Trees.

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When life tricks you into falsehood…

Change is never easy.

#newnovel #family #drama #fantasy #sismif

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From The Forest of Trees – Foreword

Our lives always consist of beauty and ugliness, and if we are lucky, we get to keep the balance of the two. The good From the foand the bad start from within us, and spread all around us. It is what weaves this world, and, I believe, all worlds everywhere and everywhen.

#newnovel #lifealteringdecisions #choices #changes #confidence #goodvs.evil

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Well yeah…

Still so much to do… such a great feeling!

#amreading #amwriting #amteaching #KindnessMatters #Thankyou

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Take the path

​Pleasantly surprised by the interest in my new novel and questions about its content – thank you. The Forest of Trees is not a children’s book, it is quite unlike what I have written so far, and yet, those who know me and have read it (or parts of it) say it blends together all I am, even the scary bits. It gives me great pleasure, and an equal amount of anxiety, to be able to present the novel I worked on for over 7 years. 

Here is an extended blurb to get your attention;). Thank you for the support.


When a family of four faces the brutal reality of their city life, they readily embrace a complete change. Emma and David Stone, with their kids Jeremy and Dot, move to a small town with their big hopes. However, small towns have their own secrets – from urban legends about The Forest of Trees to family skeletons in closets everyone knows about.

Gradually, Jeremy and Dot make some new and unusual friends, whereas Emma and David start working again, and things seem to be going for the better. But evil never rests. The Jacksons, a bigoted and brutal family of pig farmers, however scary, are not the only ones leaning towards malice. The more new friendships grow, the more villains will struggle to retain power. Will the arrival of the newcomers tip the scales in favour of the good or the evil? And how can The Forest of Trees play its part in the solution?

The life between the legendary Forest of Trees and the small town of Tillsworth is separated only by a road. All it takes to reconnect is to take that path.



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