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Blessing & Curse

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No, no, no, I know.

This is not where I belong.

They don’t see my painting,

They don’t hear my song.

Not lost, just misplaced,

by myself or fate.

Not lost, but misplaced.

Time to change or too late?

I don’t feel the people,

I can’t share their joy.

I am out of place,

Not stuck-up or coy.

Not lost, just misplaced,

Can I be me elsewhere?

Not lost, but misplaced.

I can grow, I care.


Eaten up by guilt,

As I struggle with self.

Knowing who I am,

this is not my shelf.

Not lost, just misplaced,

Look into my face.

Not lost, but misplaced.

Can I make this my place?

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There is something magical about snow. 

As if time stops

And gives you a minute to breathe,

To quiet your mind,

Cleanse your thoughts

And fill your soul with new hope.

#winter #inspiration

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​Pacing Myself

Let me be.


Just let me retreat.

I am not gone,

not leaving, not conquered.

I am retreating

into the shade of darkness tonight,

I have nothing

to offer or share.


My shell is emptied and fragile and cracked,

But it’s not broken, shattered or lost.

I need to recover, refuel, recharge,

And I can’t do that,

Not in light,

Not in sight.

I am tired off pain,

I am tired off weakness,

And my breathing is slow,

My heartbeats so hushed.

But I am still here,

Observing from my haven,

Keeping a watchful eye.


So let me be, please.

Just let me lay low,

Let me breathe in this silence

And the cool air of night.

Time will help,

Time will heal,

And all love will prevail.

I’m just tired,

Not beaten,

Still here.

This is a poem from my first poetry collection Versus Verses – Feel.  Written so long ago, every once in a while it becomes so true for me. Like right now. 

Recharge, refuel, rekindle, revive…

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The Rhythm of Words

The rhythm of words has always fascinated me.

#free #poetry #ebook 

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A Mind with a View


Some minds only appear closed, tight, narrow spaces.

It is the hearts that have been locked up.

Within those minds entire worlds exist,

One vaster than the other,

With open meadows

And magic,

Both dark

And light.

Knock gently on those hearts

And have patience.

For once they

Let you in,

You will be


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Poetry Reviews are miracles♡

Verses Versus – Feel by Anita Kovacevic –

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Thought I’d share a bit of poetry with you. The ebook is free anyway:). I hope you have nothing vs. verses or feelings. Here is a poem from Versus Verses – Feel.


My devils are obstinate,

My devils are mean.

I think I have conquered,

But here they begin.

They sneak up within me,

They gnaw and annoy,

And the more they torture,

The more they enjoy.

‘Just stop, go away,’

I chase them and plead.

Won’t let them control me

Or let them take lead.

The battle goes on,

More bitter or less.

They’ll never give up,

I’ll stay relentless.

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The World of Poetry

Celebrate #WorldPoetryDay with a #free #ebook

#kindle #feel #inspirationalwomen 

Versus Verses -Feel

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Poetry at last!

Never thought I would, but here it is – my first poetry book is available on as of today, with other retailers soon to follow. The ebook is free, whereas the paperback is also available (printing fees necessary).

So if you feel inclined to some poetic meditation, the highs and lows of my emotional and linguistic playfulness, here is the link.

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