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As night approaches

And I feel like a howl,

The moon is so distant,

I can’t help but growl

So low, barely heard,

Still honest and true,

Whatever you think of me,

Whatever you do.

My thoughts are my cave,

My soul is my shrine,

My moods are my windows,

My sadness is mine.

Your mind and my own

May not always be one,

But I must chase my fury

Or I’ll be undone.

My demons need voicing,

In stories or verse,

Or they’ll take me over,

My dreams will disperse.

So let my beast be,

Its tale needs a bark,

And when light returns,

It will mellow my dark.

Versus Verses – Love

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Writer’s Gift 4U from Phoenix Rainez

To end this challenging year, there is nothing like having a guest over. A romance author with a kind heart, Phoenix Rainez will make this transition from 2017 into 2018 smooth and gentle! Here she is, sharing with you some of her latest poetry:).

AUTHOR : Phoenix Rainez

GENRES : Romance, Erotica, Poetry






1. Do you have a favourite winter holiday story?

No favourite winter holiday story, but my favourite holiday film would have to be LOVE ACTUALLY.  I have so many books in my collection still to read, I honestly don’t have time to re-read any of the books I’ve already read.

2. Which character from a holiday story would you like to be?

I think I’d love to be Elsa from Frozen.

3. What is your ideal way to spend Christmas Eve this year?

Curling up with a good book all day in my pj’s and a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

4. If you could travel anywhere this winter, where would it be and why?

I’d love to visit Lapland during a winter holiday season.

5. What would you like to ask your readers?

I’d like to ask my readers if they think a companion novella is a good way to introduce other characters in the story.

Do share a sneak peek into your current work in progress.

My present work in progress is my poetry book.

Give us a riddle to your wip. 

When you need to share a secret quietly you ….

Where can we follow your progress?

What’s the blurb for your work in progress?

No one asks to fall in love, but sometimes it happens, and the timing is all wrong.  So, they wish upon stars for a love they can’t hold, and whisper their love on the wind, across oceans that keep them apart.

Sneak peek, please?

1st poem from my new poetry book:

You’re the whisper on my mind

Wrapped around my heart

I see you in my dreams

And touch you when I sleep

Your love is like a whisper

From a time so far away

Caught in a moment of silence

On the tail of a shooting star

We dare in dreams to share

A whisper of love so soft

Like the feathers on a breeze

Of a lover’s dream in thoughts

Sailing those intimate waves

Of a secret love lost in thought

We touch only in dreams

Our love just a breath

A whispered I love you

MY HOLIDAY WISH for my readers is that they find the time to read all the books they want to, not only over the holidays, but all year through.

Thank you, dear Phoenix. May your 2018 be a happy beginning to a new adventure!



Snow covered the footprints,

Lulled the sounds to sleep,

And made things seem simpler, purer and calm.

#winter #Croatia 

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Filling the Void

The paper is empty.

It looks at me blank.

I feel I have nothing to give.

Then letters come pouring.

Stories unwind.

The book people begin to live.


The canvas is white.

It looks like a shroud.

Will my colours help it survive?

I pick up a brush.

The strokes reveal all.

Emotions and dreams are alive.


The room is so silent.

It haunts me to pain.

If only a sound helped it heal.

My thoughts echo sounds.

My lyrics are true.

I know what I want and feel.

(Image source Pixabay)

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My Inner Child

Like a warm fireplace

Tingling inside my soul,

Regardless of the stress,

The work,

The worries and hardship…

A sparkle 

resistant to the reality of life…

My inner flame burns

expecting Christmas.


The sounds of Christmas music

Makes my soul sing.

Even if it’s within,

Not heard on the outside,

The melody is there,

And my body, unaware,

Swings to it.


My eyes glisten

At the red, the green, the golden,

And my hands itch 

in search of some simple Christmas craft

they could do and enjoy.


I yearn for cinnamon and vanilla,

For the scent of cookies

And candles…


I look eagerly at the sky,

Awaiting snowflakes

each morning,

hoping for the snow blanket 

to make snow angels in,

with a blissful,

sincerely happy,

childlike smile on my face,

believing firmly in the good of all,

and feeling that all will be well.


That’s why I like Christmas.

It keeps my inner child alive.

(From Versus Verses – Love, my free poetry e-book.)

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I used to be able to dance away

The sadness

The anger

The stress

The loneliness

The pain

I used to be able to write it out

To paint it out

To carve it out

To sing it out 

To mould it out

To remodel it

I used to be able to 

But not any more

And yet…

Although it too often feels as if every fibre of me is falling apart





In pain

Something still manages to keep all the pieces together

Something invisible in the cracks

My tiny dancer

My musician

My artist

My self

And it is simply incredible.

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About love

Sometimes I even surprise myself.

New #poetry book – my #Christmas surprise – #ebook is #free


No words are needed

Your smile

Your touch

Your scent

Your glance

Just the thought of you

I hear music

I am happy

And free

And home

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Blessing & Curse

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No, no, no, I know.

This is not where I belong.

They don’t see my painting,

They don’t hear my song.

Not lost, just misplaced,

by myself or fate.

Not lost, but misplaced.

Time to change or too late?

I don’t feel the people,

I can’t share their joy.

I am out of place,

Not stuck-up or coy.

Not lost, just misplaced,

Can I be me elsewhere?

Not lost, but misplaced.

I can grow, I care.


Eaten up by guilt,

As I struggle with self.

Knowing who I am,

this is not my shelf.

Not lost, just misplaced,

Look into my face.

Not lost, but misplaced.

Can I make this my place?

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