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Mrs Jackson

“She passed by her two younger sons on the porch. They were already getting an ear-bashing and pulling from their grandpa warden, their heads bent low, swallowing their snivel. No ‘save-us’ was directed at their mum, and no protective instinct worked within her any more. She hid in the garden, not sure if she wanted to survive another day.”


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Just submitted a wonderful children’s story for an anthology, but this one was not written by me. What makes me so proud is that the author is a young lady I am proud to call my goddaughter. There is nothing so fulfilling as knowing that, in the generation which is to follow, there are still artists, builders, creative young people who will continue to tip the scales on the side of positivity, creativity and soul. 

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In this hectic world, where evil seems easier and kindness is considered a waste of time, I admire people who make the best of their daily lives, cherishing their time together and seeing natural phenomena in the little things, such as a simple, loving smile.


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The Little Blue Book for Authors by G. Hausmann – my review

Gisela Hausmann really knows how to write a non-fiction book. Clear, simple, easy to follow, and somewhat non-negotiable, with background research and data evident from the start. 

The Little Blue Book (I love this part of the title) offers an updated summary of advice for authors sick of wasting their precious time and money on trying to promote their books. Being one of them and appreciating the previous books by Ms Hausmann, I read this one through in a couple of hours, making mental notes on things to apply or steer away from. Some I have already discovered for myself, the harder way, but, as G. Hausmann says, nobody ever made it taking the easy route.Whether this book is a reminder for you or clarifies the mess in your head from constantly trying, as we all should, to keep up to date with marketing changes in the busy book promoting world, the advice provided will be useful. I strongly agree with the author in matters of keeping things personal – signings, style of social appearance, treating followers and bloggers. It is the only way to stand out to those who matter to you, personally and profesionally. Creating a book from scratch and then getting it out there to the public is overwhelming and time-consuming enough. Proactive advice like this saves you time and energy.

Another thing to appreciate in this (hand)book – although she retains the best advice from her previous books, Ms Hausmann constantly updates hernwork with comments on marketing changes and suggestions on which routes to take. Like a tough teacher, she will want you to get better at what you do, without delay. Take action – to achieve the best, do your best!

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Who inspires you?

We often read books with inspiring characters, people who raise the bar, move borders, take chances. Who is/was a book character who impressed you by doing something extraordinary or something quite ordinary when nobody expected it? Has a character ever inspired you to step out of your own comfort zone? 

#reading #inspiration #motivation 

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Her story told

“She remained standing on the school doormat and said something to the lorry driver. His shoulders tightened, his back arched even more, and his right index finger motioned for her to come to the road in front of him, like beckoning a dog. The porcelain figure in lacquered shoes walked towards him in small steps, like a Japanese geisha tapping on her tiny feet, but there was no grace or charm to this walk, only fear and submission.”

This was one of the more difficult scenes to write. Hated writing it. But she wanted her story told. 

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Try! And keep trying!

It is always difficult to decide when you are big enough to do something, or if you are still too small. I believe it’s best to trust your heart, and also to listen to the advice of your friends and family, the people who really care about you. Those things combined should always tell you when the time is right.

And then you try!

At first, you may not succeed. Even the second time. But don’t give up, because you haven’t failed – you are still learning! And what a dull world it would be if everything worked all at once – there are so many wonderful things you can discover while trying and learning. Anyway, the way others do things may not even be the way in which you will do things! That’s the very beauty in life – finding your own way!

So, dear grown-ups, have the courage to try new things, and to let your children try things for themselves! They might just surprise you and be more amazing than you ever hoped they would be!

And dear children, do try! Keep trying! There is nothing quite as magical as finding your own way of doing things!

(From the Foreword to MIMI FINDS HER MAGIC)

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“He stopped in the middle of The Forest. He took a deep breath, inhaling the energy of the nature. Feeling as if he could explode, he shouted with all his might, a gigantic yawp…”


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Learn to love your spikes

Everyone always talks about the magic that happens when a child reads a book or hears the story. I love it, too.

But you want to know what my favourite moment is?

When they finish the story and step out of it, bringing the magic with them into the real world. When they finish Alice in Wonderland and realize there is always more than one way of looking at the world. When they read The Little Prince and know the box can contain anything you wish – it is all up to us.

There are so many stories which can empower us all to be better and stronger versions of ourselves. May we all find them and spread that magic to the world.

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Peek into The Forest of Trees

“As soon as he’d inhaled the forest air, he closed his eyes, and pursed his lips. It took a few attempts, but he’d whistled! The sound was completely uncanny, and Jeremy’s chest swelled with pride. To his hopeful mind, it was indeed what a proper whistle was supposed to be.

However, now his first whistle was rendered completely unimportant. Literally hanging up-side-down from the branch of a giant talking tree, he had to admit that topped everything else.”

A sneak peek into The Forest of Trees.

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