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A Readers’ Dare


Dear fellow human,

I have been an ill-fated prisoner of this extravagant house of mine for longer than I care to remember. It enchanted and entrapped me even while I was having it built. I now know just how much I sacrificed for it, and I will never be able to make up for that, to myself or to others.

But once I entered its premises, I simply couldn’t get out! The hold of this enchanted threshold was just too strong for me, and I have remained within my beautifully gilded cage till this day – the day of my death. ‘Why?’ you may ask yourself. Well, there is treasure here, in the heart of the house – shiny, cold, smooth and astonishing – a secret treasure of life! I found it a long time ago, but I didn’t want to share it with anyone… ever. So I stayed here, with my deepest secret, turning my wonderful blessing into my fatal curse…

This is an excerpt from The Threshold, my e-novella. Dare you read? It’s just a book… no harm ever came from reading a book…


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Crossing The Threshold?


What would you sacrifice for your dream? Or who? Would you face fear to gain treasure, even if you had no idea what the treasure was? Are you ready to receive whatever it was?

You are just a short read away from finding out!

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Across The Threshold

Sneak peek, anyone? Here’s a peek into my e-book TheThreshold


He grabbed the microphone like a rock star, flashing his initial-engraved signet ring along with yet another charming smile, oozing with confidence. He was every bit extravagant as his money allowed him, but always with style, never quite breaking the line between over-accessorising and good taste.

‘Well, I must admit it has been quite interesting. Quite challenging, indeed. However, being a businessman of action, as anyone who knows me will verify, I’ll get to the point quickly. I, and only I, so I take full responsibility for this – I have chosen these five incredible people. And they are as follows, in a completely random order, the Fabulous Five! The brave Sarah Peterson, the proud Jack Benton, the mesmerising Caroline Sharron, the charismatic Ben Wartawsky and the intriguing Mike Simmons! They will be flown to the city tomorrow morning, by private chopper flight, naturally…’

As the screen was filling with the candidates’ photos, Mike wasn’t listening any more. He’d catch it all on reruns anyway later on. He’d never been chosen for anything in his life before. Well, to be honest, he wasn’t much of a joiner any way, but still, this announcement knocked him off his safe track, and stirred some quite unexpected emotions. His phone kept vibrating and ringing, his e-mail box filled up in seconds… It felt as if having been teleported unasked right into the middle of a busy beehive.




The anti-bullying book by teachers, artists and educators from around the world is finally available! I feel so proud I was invited to participate in this a year ago, along with a wonderful team of teachers, educators, illustrators, writers, designers, photographers. All the proceeds of the book go to anti-bullying charity!

The book is filled with stories, poems, essays, advice, photographs, illustrations, songs, project ideas and worksheets, all aimed at helping people speak up and stop bullying in all its forms, by waking our inner giants!

I hope you all check out the book, leave a positive review, recommend the book and spread the positive message!

Inner Giant on Amazon



THE THRESHOLD – sneak peek

Been playing around in pixlr a bit and came up with some sneak peeks into my debut novelette The Threshold. Here are a few…


Mrs Poole is charming and feisty, but her little vanities become completely unimportant when she stumbles on a simple sheet of paper. Or is it that simple?


Mr Thibedeaux is one of the real power-driven monsters in the story. And just as he starts feeling quite invincible, other forces intervene. How?


Jennifer is a woman who gets blinded by infatuation out of her own insecurity, and pays a heavy price. Does she get out of it in the end? You have to read the story to find out…

The ebook novelette The Threshold is available on Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo
If you like the book, do leave a review at the purchase site. Thank you.

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