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A fun new children’s funbook!

It is funny how giddy I feel over this new project!

This is a special funbook edition of the story Winky’s Colours, prepared by the author who is also a teacher and a parent. Apart from the original story about Winky, this funbook is also filled with worksheets, riddles, colouring pages and wordgames, and all the illustrations are black&white. Have fun!

Winky is a little penguin who lives his life with a black&white family in nature filled with black, white and gray. All he dreams of are colours! So one day he decides to leave his home and go on an expedition to find colours. He will meet friends, face life-risking adventure and find more than he expected.
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Rhino Magic

An excerpt from Rhino Magic, my story in Looking into the Abyss:

‘Mummie, mummie, come here quickly! You’ve got to see this!’

Ginger dragged her feet from the kitchen to the living room for the hundredth time that day. There was no gingerly step left in her to justify her name, not after a sleepless night spent trying to get her son’s fever down.

‘What, honey?’

She struggled to sound interested, and failed miserably. Jake was kneeling on the bed and pointing at the TV, his blurred eyes sparkling with excitement, above the gloomy eyebags and thin cheeks.

He used to be so big and strong that they called him their beast. No seven-year-old should have to suffer kidney problems.

‘The man in the show… the documentary… he said the rhino is considered to be the unicorn’s cousin. Unicorn! Can you believe it?’

Thank you for inviting me onto this project, @Paul White.

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Seeing every tree – my book seen through the eyes of Jean Gill

This has been an extraordinary experience – being interviewed by a person I admire. Jean Gill drilled me about my book The Forest of Trees, but more importantly, about some life issues I consider very important.

Seeing every tree

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Another one…

Well, there it is – I have managed to combine my two professional loves, both not really known in my life as big money-makers:) – teaching and writing. Perhaps two minuses can make a plus, huh? Just kidding.

As the note says, this is the rough draft which I will soon be typing into the plan, proofreading and sending off to some beta readers.

As for the teaching method described, it refers to a little mindset I have devised for myself and shared with colleagues. I know it works because it has served me well these last two decades, from the micro to macro lesson planning, and thinking about learning and teaching in general.

Looking forward to revisions and edits, and all the little ‘bloopers’ I probably let slip. Ta-ta for now!

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Well yeah…

Still so much to do… such a great feeling!

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Challenged to a video interview

Well, it’s taken a long time but I have finally given in to being challenged to a video interview by author, book promoter, blogger and owner of Readers Review Room – Traci Sanders. 

If you do decide to take a peek, please be gentle with my over-loquacious babble. This is the first time I’ve given such an interview. Time will tell if it’s the last.

video interview link
PS: A huge thanks to Traci for being such a patient and amiable host, as well as for her overall support for the independent authors.
Pic 1: part of the display I set up for the interview

Pic 2: a promo for my new children’s book Spikes for Hank

Pic 3: a promo for The Threshold, my semi-horror novella Traci asked about

Pic 4 : my books, both kidlit and adult, and their links below


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Do you need more colours in your life?

There is this penguin that I love so much! His name is Winky and he lives in one of my stories. In fact, he has been around for quite some time now. The little students of English in Croatia learn with Winky, whereas those who study German have given him the nickname Max. Many children have already learned about life, the polar world, adventure, nature, friendship and love from this brave little waddler.

Here is a sneak peek into his world… 

An excerpt from the book Winky’s Colours

All Winky’s penguin friends are black and white, too. They play on white icebergs and relax on white ice blocks. Their school is white, their playgrounds are white, their food is grey and black.

They play around with white snowballs, they build white snowmen, they draw on white ice and dive in the black ocean.

Winky is not very happy. Winky loves colours! But there are no colours around him. Absolutely, positively – no colours! Everything is the same – black, white, black-and-white and sometimes grey. All Winky wants in life is colours. He even dreams colours. But nobody else cares about this. Winky’s biggest wish is to see colours for real one day.


Would you like to sleep in an ice cave?

Look around you – what colours can you see in your room? Where can Winky find colours? 

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Stories have tremendous power

The following picture is a text I stumbled upon on Facebook. It struck me as truly important. 

The story in the picture is so worth reading. Yes, stories matter. They always will. They give hope where there is despair, ideas where there is misery, bond where there is solitude. Sharing stories is so much more powerful than we sometimes believe. And with great power, comes… you know.

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Keep growing


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THE DINOSAUR WHO LOST HIS ROAR by Russell Punter – my review no. 47


Lovely illustrations and a positive message

A friend of mine lent me this neat little book and I just read it to my child.

The illustrations are quite charming; I like the vivid colours and character definition. The text itself is in rhyme, which I find very useful in teaching children to enjoy reading, intonation and drama.

I will definitely use this in my English lessons with my little students to teach them about nature, colours, actions, role-play; but also the importance of being kind, brave and a good friend.

And they will have a blast playing dinosaurs, no doubt there!

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