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Snow covered the footprints,

Lulled the sounds to sleep,

And made things seem simpler, purer and calm.

#winter #Croatia 

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Filling the Void

The paper is empty.

It looks at me blank.

I feel I have nothing to give.

Then letters come pouring.

Stories unwind.

The book people begin to live.


The canvas is white.

It looks like a shroud.

Will my colours help it survive?

I pick up a brush.

The strokes reveal all.

Emotions and dreams are alive.


The room is so silent.

It haunts me to pain.

If only a sound helped it heal.

My thoughts echo sounds.

My lyrics are true.

I know what I want and feel.

(Image source Pixabay)

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A Treasure Chest of Children’s Stories

Can you think of a more enticing title for kids than a treasure chest;)? Thank you, Plaisted Publishing, for this wonderful opportunity to write a children’s story for a Christmas anthology.

Looking forward to this collection of children’s stories (due 15th December 2017), because my stories are inside, but also a very charming young lady’s story Unicorn Rider! Look out for her writing in the future – she has had literary awards for her writing in Croatian, but this is her first published story in English and she is still in high school! Her name is Helena Čačić and her imagination has no limits.

#anthology #childrensstories #comingsoon #Christmas

Promo video


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The Long Sleep

“Snowflakes were doing their gentle wintery dance, like ballerinas twirling to an inaudible melody, falling on the already icy ground and disappearing into the deep carpet of white. The streets were still empty and only the occasional delivery van or the early morning bus passed through the sleepy town. The previous weeks had painted the scenery pristine white and the night cold added that sparkling crust on top. Tillsworth was all tucked in, snoring under the white covers, dreams and nightmares bubbling beneath the surface.”

This is a sneak peek from The Forest of Trees.

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My Inner Child

Like a warm fireplace

Tingling inside my soul,

Regardless of the stress,

The work,

The worries and hardship…

A sparkle 

resistant to the reality of life…

My inner flame burns

expecting Christmas.


The sounds of Christmas music

Makes my soul sing.

Even if it’s within,

Not heard on the outside,

The melody is there,

And my body, unaware,

Swings to it.


My eyes glisten

At the red, the green, the golden,

And my hands itch 

in search of some simple Christmas craft

they could do and enjoy.


I yearn for cinnamon and vanilla,

For the scent of cookies

And candles…


I look eagerly at the sky,

Awaiting snowflakes

each morning,

hoping for the snow blanket 

to make snow angels in,

with a blissful,

sincerely happy,

childlike smile on my face,

believing firmly in the good of all,

and feeling that all will be well.


That’s why I like Christmas.

It keeps my inner child alive.

(From Versus Verses – Love, my free poetry e-book.)

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A cup of kindness

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We are joined today by an amazing history teacher who turns history into amazing time travelling adventures. Enjoy his pre-holiday post. Thank you for dropping by, Michael!

Author: Michael R. Stern
Genre(s): Time Travel

Booksite links:

Social network links:

Twitter @sternmike5

1. What is your favourite winter holiday story you have read and like to go back to, and why? 

A Christmas Carol is an annual tradition in my home. It’s the perfect holiday feel-good story.

2. Which winter holiday character, custom or decoration would you like to be and why? 

A caroler. Nothing puts you in the spirit like an evening of Christmas songs, friends, and egg nog.

3. What is your absolutely the most favourite thing to do during the winter holidays?

Spend time with family. Really.
4. If you could travel anywhere in the world during the winter holiday season, where would you go and why?

Nothing gives me more pleasure during the holidays than traveling through the pages of a good book. I wouldn’t go anywhere if I could avoid it.
5. What would you like to ask your readers?

I would ask my readers to enjoy their own holidays, however they choose to celebrate. (And tell your friends about my books.) Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy choose your holiday, and Happy New Year.)

Sneak peek & riddles:

step 1: I have asked authors to give us a riddle about a character, place or key word in their book

My name is Fritz Russell. Where did I go to college?

step 2: Here is the link where we can follow Michael’s wip progress)

step 3: short blurb for the story

A North Korean missile launch. A naval base attacked. Does the nation face a new menace? Or is an old one taking a treacherous turn? A plot to destroy any possibility for peace moves into high gear just as the president negotiates an end to war in the Middle East.

step 4: sneak peek “Merry Christmas, Mr. President.”

“Merry Christmas, Fritz. I’m sure you have a busy day ahead, but I wanted to invite you here for New Year’s Eve. You could stay a day and we could look around this place together.”

Michael’s message to you all:

To all you special people who have followed Fritz and friends through the harrowing times brought about by travel through time and space, I want to thank you for your reviews, and your continued support. I send my best wishes for a happy holiday season, and a New Year full of wonder, delight, and friendship.

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Just a little pre-holiday bookshelf…

Do forgive my bluntness, but I kind of enjoy watching my pre-holiday book display…

Four children’s books published so far…

And five adult books already out…

Along with plenty of short stories featured in several anthologies…








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